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The QualPass: TSAR network of recognised occupationally competent training providers aims to offer cost effective, appropriate and best practice training solutions to clients across all sectors of UK industry.

The purpose of QualPass: TSAR is to:

1.  Set an appropriate standard for the delivery of mechanical plant and safety skills training.

2.  Require the maintenance of high quality training provision across the network of training providers.

3.  Provide evidence of an individual's training history and achievement of qualifications, skills and competence based on relevant theory and practical skills observations (as necessary and applicable) by displaying a summary of the training and assessment for each certificate, passport or licence.

QualPass will act as the issuing body of passports listing the training achieved by individuals, backed up by evidence of training having been delivered, and assessed, by the training provider.

Since inception approximately 5,000 QualPass TSAR cards have been issued to individuals covering training and competency assessment on the following:

Fork Lift Truck

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms



Knuckle Boom Loaders

Mobile Tower Scaffolding

Slinger Signaller

Confined Space


Road Rollers

For each of the above categories of training, a summary of the training the individual has undertaken, together with the outcome of written and practical assessments is uploaded against the individuals QualPass profile.  The sections of the delegate paperwork containing the written assessment answers, and the instructors marking/comments for practical assessment are retained by the QualPass TSAR approved trainer, which would be reviewed during the scheduled centre audits to ensure data protection, course delivery and assessment quality.

QualPass will set the criteria for training courses to be recognised by the QualPass: TSAR network, with audits/observations measuring the training provider's compliance with the syllabus, learning outcomes and assessment criteria guides issued by QualPass.

Training providers will be expected to meet, or exceed, the requirements for the delivery of training, assessment of candidates and recording of completion and attainment of qualifications.

Training providers forming the QualPass: TSAR network will be subject to a full audit every 12-months focusing on:

Quality Assurance

Administration of delegate records

Information security

Tutor occupational competency

Tutor delivery

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To find out more about QualPass: TSAR and how we can help prove competency in mechanical plant operation and/or safety skills for individuals and employers alike, please email us on or call us on 01646 602131.


Benefits of QualPass

Benefits of QualPass

Since inception approximately 5,000 QualPass TSAR cards have been issued, proving the competency of their holders in relation to health and safety, mechanical plant operation, use of work equipment, etc as well as a host of non-health and safety qualifications. Call 01646 602131 to find out how you can join this growing number.

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Health & Safety


Proving a workforce or even an individual employee’s competence, is a legal duty. Click the link below to find out how QualPass can help you prove competency and training to clients and enforcement agencies.

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